Seaside Resort
Private Pool
Tropical Island
Tropical Paradise
Car Front
Ski Chalet
Motor Yacht
boats on water
Hotel Pool
Modern Luxury Home
Modern Office
Luxury Bedroom Interior
Taj Mahal
Modern Living Room Interior
Beige House
Ski Resort
Greek Island
Greek Paradise
Bench with a View
Greek Villa
Praying In Mosque
Modern Design Home
Department Store Display
Clothes Display

There's five star, and then there's Zaarvel Platinum holidays.

We offer the finest destinations encapsulating the ultimate indulgence and luxury.

Selected for being the very best.

Grand palatial retreats. Boutique hideaways. State-of-the-art contemporary hotels.

This is luxury at its most luxurious - designed to draw a breathless 'wow'.

Every aspect of your holiday is taken care of, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Everyone has their own definition of luxury. For some, it's walking barefoot and

care free on a beach in the Seychelles.

While for others it can be the thrill of a Dubai shopping trip.

Your holiday might not feel complete without 24-hour butler service or perhaps just a private

pool with a great view – we’ve all got our preferences.

We create holidays around your idea of luxury to fit you.

Five days, a week or two months? No problem, just tell us how long and we will do the rest.

Your way. The Zaarvel way.

As one of the 'first in the halal luxury’ we strive to be the best and launch new and innovative

products to support the growing needs of our customers.


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