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Travel the world. 
The Zaarvel way.

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Ziyārah or Ziyarat(Arabic:زيارة)is an Arabic term

which literally means "visit" gave us Zaar(زر)and

tra-vel gave us vel.




Person who is travelling or who travels in the

Zaarvel way. With ethics and a smile.



Wonderful feeling of joy.

We have been consistently rated Best Guided Al Aqsa Tour company. We create adventure tours as well as very in depth history and umrah tours. Our Muslim friendly holidays are what make long lasting memories.

Thirty years ago we set foot on a plane, since then we have travelled on anything we can. Planes, trains, boats, ferries, camels, horses, donkey (once was enough),

back of trucks, rickshaws and of course my beloved two feet always armed with our smile!

We love travelling, discovering and meeting new people. Not forgetting the adventure we have simply by smiling....keep an eye on the blog page for more stories...

Our adventures have created an amazing team of Zaarvellers whose motto is "Yes we can!" Our goal is to

provide cost effective, quality and memorable trips.

That makes us feel Zaarvellous.

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